Provide smarter inspections, catch issues in real-time, and accelerate problem resolution with your team

This easy-to-use inspection app is everything in one place to ensure the record of your field inspections, safety, and quality in the workplace. This software makes inspection, issue capture, and corrective action way smarter and easier for your team. Empower your workers to turn their collected data, and reports into powerful insights that help accelerate resolutions and raise safety across your organization. It saves time, improves accuracy, and gives you visibility of site issues in real-time.

Allow your workers in the field to gather valuable data and capture issues smarter, better, and faster

Want to create your checklist forms faster?

No more struggling with paper or complex spreadsheets. Assemble and organize checklists with ease. The drag and drop Joynt template builder can help you create tailored checklists way faster!

Make it easier on your team to complete inspections

Optimize the inspection process by adding logic and make it easier to complete your inspections by pre-filling common issues, showing and hiding fields based on the answers selected by the team members.

Fix issues quickly by assigning them to the right people

Don’t just find issues, turn them into actions and have them resolved.

Joynt allows you to create an action and schedule follow-up tasks and assign them to a specific team member or team who failed to complete a task. Joynt is a digital platform that helps you and your team collaborate effortlessly on issues, organize and update the status of tasks in real-time, and discuss tasks. Assign tasks with this intuitive tool to the right people even if they don’t have an account and focus on more important issues.

Instantly create and share custom reports

After an inspection is complete, generate a report instantly and share it with your team, managers, clients, or customers in seconds.

Get real-time visibility into your company’s productivity

Seamless integration of desktop platforms and mobile devices provides real-time analytics dashboards across all of your devices. Track your company insights, productivity, and more.


Create actionable transparency in your business and alert the right people instantly.


Schedule follow-up tasks and assign them to a specific team member or team who failed to complete a task.

Team Management

Get reports instantly and share your inspections across teams.


Integrate the App to your business software systems to track your company insights, productivity, and more.


Trigger alerts are sent to ensure communications are always received and seen by the right people to resolve critical issues immediately.