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Cilium is the leading provider of innovative secure services & solutions to both public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia. We are a software development company that provides solutions in the various fields of web designing, systems integration, and product development.



Our portfolio speaks better than words!

Erwaa Mobile App is an innovative solution that helps you conveniently purchase water for your local mosque using an easy, secure, and trusted online method.

Joynt is a platform that is a one-stop solution for inspection, issue capture, and corrective action that helps you and your team work together to eliminate workplace hazards at sites.

You can rely on us!

Cilium is a leading technology solutions company. We are passionate about creating quality software and getting the job done. Our services help our clients do more with their online presence and online business through web design, web development, mobile app development, and website testing.

High-Quality Standards

Cilium specializes in adding value to your business with custom-made software. Our support and maintenance service deals with customers as partners, guaranteeing a high-quality customer experience.

Leading Experts

The Cilium team is composed of industry experts that deliver extraordinary results. They specialize in many technology stacks and construct and more.

Complex Sollutions

We provide solutions that help you boost sales, improve customer experiences, and transform your internal processes.
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Flexible Prices

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Cilium is a leading software development company whose expertise lies in developing software services with a focus on web development, web design, mobile app development, software testing, and other technologies that empower people to do more.

Software Development

Cilium specializes in adding value to your business with custom-made software. We help businesses to be more efficient and profitable by supporting many technology stacks.

Application UI/UX Design

Our highly qualified user interface UI and user experience UX designers specialize in the field. We provide exceptional UI/UX design services to businesses from websites to mobile apps and their respective UI/UX design.

Software Quality Control

Cilium is a software development company that specializes in test-driven mobile applications, some of which include native Android and IOS platforms. Our engineers create a seamless experience by ensuring that they deliver high-quality apps. Each app is tested extensively to determine its relevance, user interface, and performance.

DevOps Services

Our DevOps services help businesses enjoy the stability of operating environments, decrease the development time, and get faster delivery. Our main focus is providing DevOps Consulting Services, DevOps Automation, End to End Testing, Monitoring & Back-Up, Maintenance, and Support.

How we work

We break up the design process into several stages. This allows us to ensure that we meet your expectations and that our team is well aligned with all of your concerns.


Approval of Terms

This phase is critical to the success of the project. A well-defined scope is a key to success for your project – let’s define it together.


Analyze Design Requirements

This is not just another document, but a vital piece of your entire project.

When it comes to developing software with the best value, the design stage can be arguably the most important. We focus on getting it right the first time to ensure an ROI for your project and its end users.


Development for Testing and Quality Control

Development is the longest and arguably most enjoyable phase of the Software Development Life Cycle. All of the actual coding takes place in this phase, along with software testing, quality control, and other integration testing activities.


Development and Delivery

Agile methodologies are adopted throughout the development of a project to manage
each phase of your project, keep stakeholders in the loop as you progress, and ensure that your team improves with every step

Roll-out of the system may be performed in stages or it could be a full-blown implementation to see results.